Happy Memorial Day!

Happy Memorial Day!  Thank you to all of the men and women (and their families!) who have sacrificed for our great country.  My gratitude goes out to you.

Today my Mom and I worked in the back yard.  You may remember from last year when I tried to make a garden with native Utah plants.  That was great, until I neglected to water it…  This year is different!  My Mom encouraged me to grow a vegetable garden.  A couple of weekend ago, we tilled the dirt, added steer manure and garden compost.

All tilled and ready for veggie plants!

The tilled soil got a lot of water in the last couple of weeks!

Today we went to Wal-Mart and got these veggies:

  • Zucchini
  • Yellow Squash
  • Spaghetti Squash
  • Cucumber
  • Anaheim Bell Peppers
  • Green Bell Peppers
  • Banana Peppers
  • Roma Tomatoes
  • Strawberries

Cucumbers, Squash & Peppers!

Tomato in front, strawberries in back.

We created a new pathway, and added bark chips to the garden.  Combined with the new green leaves, it makes for a pretty color scheme.  There are also two flowers with the vegetables.  We bought a lavender plant (that already smells so good!) and for Mother’s day, my niece bought me a lily so they were planted alongside the veggies.

Top right - Lily, Bottom right - Lavender. Left side - Strawberries

I am so excited for my little garden!  I am also grateful for my amazing Mom.  None of this would have been possible without her support 🙂 

I look forward to the summer, and what this little garden will bring.  Of course there will be updates, and in the mean time, send my little garden some positive thoughts!! ❤



Last Spring, I received some over growth from Amanda’s future Mother-in-Law’s xeriscaped (not sure of the spelling, but it is a relatively new word!) front lawn.  I planted it in the small bed in front of my house, and was so very proud of it.

Bachelor Button - Spring 2010

Just now, I woke up from a restful nap and opened the window.  I looked down, and saw this:

Spring has sprung! The Bachelor Button(s!) are back!

It came back!  Not only the bachelor button come back, but there is also a couple more buds on other leafy stems on this plant.

Happy Spring!

The longest Kitchen Reno post ever!

While this post could be broken down in to probably three or more posts, we all know that would probably never happen.  Therefore, it will all be crammed in to one!

It all started when I realized that not only was my house built in 1985, but the kitchen hadn’t changed one bit since.  I’m not knocking 1985, I mean, it was a good year seeing as I and many other good people were born that year!

Hello, 1985!

(Don’t mind my mess, on top of 1985!)

1985 decor + no decorating sense + mess = gross!

Since I was going with a Mexican theme through my house, I thought I would first start by refinishing the cabinets.  By refinishing, I mean painting them a burnt orange/red color.

Cabinet doors on the patio!

While all this looks simple, it simply was not.  I bought new hinges to put on the cabinets, and trying to put them back on was a beast.  So, I lived with this for months:

No cabinet doors + yellow wall

Because of frustration with the cabinets, I then decided I wanted to paint the kitchen walls.  I saw this color in Cosmo, and they claimed that this hue would brighten up a room and make every skin tone look nice!  Um, what was I thinking?  I tried to convince myself that I liked it…  And while I was trying to convince myself that I liked this color, I then painted the counter tops!

Blue Countertops

I honestly did not realize until AFTER, that I had painted my kitchen in primary colors.  I really did try and like it.  I lived with it like this because I was trying really hard to think of how to make it all mesh together.  But let’s be honest.  1) I made my kitchen look worse than 1985 and 2) What the HELL was I thinking???

Once again, it was my parents to the rescue!  Because there was no turning back on this Mexi-mess, we had no choice but to gut it.  The end result?

Absolutely gorgeous!

You can never go wrong with neutrals!  (Again, ignore my conflicting decor.  We all know by now that decorating is NOT my forte…)

Neutrals ❤ ❤ ❤

My favorite part is the custom built in shelf over the sink.

Custom Shelf!

I am open to suggestions for what to put on the shelves 🙂  Another awesome part of the kitchen reno?

Travertine Tile

They just, mesh well together!

I have learned my lesson.  To all my friends and family who tried to tell me not to go with the bright bold colors, I am sorry!  You were right, I was wrong, I promise from  now on I will take your word 🙂

That’s a nice color! For a public bathroom…

That’s what my Dad said to the Mexi-mess I made of the half bathroom.  After getting so frustrated, that I completely stopped all renovations, it was Mom & Dad to the rescue. (Meaning, Mom said – “We’ll paint this part on this day with a neutral color that you choose off of this palate.”  haha, but at this point I didn’t mind 🙂 )

We started by painting the ceiling white.  I understand why renters go in and paint the entire space one color –  Painting is a pain in the ass.  BUT.  White ceilings brighten up a space so much.  We then painted the walls cafe cream, and ta da!

Cafe Creme walls 🙂

I couldn’t be more pleased with the finished product.

I know I've already bragged about this, but I installed the light!

❤ this mirror

Thank you Mom & Dad, and everyone who has helped before, during & after!

Welcome to the Jungle!

Up until this summer, it had never occurred to me to keep house plants in my classroom.  I’m not sure why, seeing as one of my main goals is that people feel comfortable.  Plants almost always create a more comfortable environment.

The first day of school is tomorrow, and here is a glimpse of what the kiddos will see!

When visiting me at my desk, this little guy sits right by the AVER, and underneath my marathon collage.

Marathon plant

Across from my desk over by my small group table, are my new African Violets, another indoor plant of some sort, and a flower from Caitlin’s wedding shower.

2 new African Violets * Shower Flower * House plant

For some reason, African Violets love my classroom.  Although these little guys look like they have dieing flowers, check out their leaves.  See how they’re lifting up?  (Plus, you should have seen them after I came back from vacation.  I may or may  not have left them in my back yard, and a wind storm may or may not have knocked them upside down…)

Also next to the violets are some more succulents.

House plant in a cute pot & another succulent

Okay I realize that this post is kind of ridiculous since I can’t remember the names of any of the plants.  What I can tell you (all three of you!) is that any cute pots that you see, were purchased at Hobby Lobby.  There.  Semi-redeemed myself, right?

Next on the Jungle tour is the reading nook!

The reading nook!

*Since taking this picture, the leaves have gotten greener, and perked up!

The last stop on the jungle tour includes a little story.

While I was planting the jungle, my Aunt Gwen and her childhood friend Elaine stopped by.

Auntie Gwen & Elaine

I bought 2 of the same plants, and Elaine said, “Oh I have one of those!  Except it’s a huge tree now, and I call it my Lois tree.”  Elaine and Lois worked together, and in their office they had this plant.  Lois took a branch from it, and instructed Elaine to plant it.  Years later, this tree has grown to a height of over 6 feet, and is a beautiful attraction in Elaine’s living room.  Shortly after planting the branch, Lois passed away from cancer.

After hearing the story, there was no way I could not call the plant my “Lois tree.”

My Lois tree & a cute little plant friend

I can only hope that one day my Lois tree grows to be 6 feet tall!

For now, that is the end of the Jungle tour.   I have to pick up three more plants that have been vacationing at my Mom’s house for the summer.  Which means… There will be a Part II of the Jungle tour!

The Plant Project

Due to some renovation downfalls I have been discouraged when it comes to blogging.  It all started when I wanted to create a Mexican themed interior to my adorable little townhome.  Instead, I have created a Mexi-mess.  Not to say that all projects have been a disaster.  There have been multiple successful projects that will be blogged about soon!

Until then, here is a plant pot makeover for you.

Before: Lame brown pot

Insert Frida blue paint & a succulent =

After: Frida blue & new plant

Marvelous!  Thank you Michaela for planting this!

As for the title of this post, there’s actually meaning.  After this little guy grew so well in my classroom

African Violet that <3's my classroom

I have decided to bring Frida blue to the classroom tomorrow!  Which means… Follow up post!

Wishes for the Fall

One thing I hope for, is that all of my students feel welcome and at home in my classroom.  To me, this would include a place for them to keep their things.  Currently, there is no such place.  Well, I do have a “mail box” cabinet.  And the little lovies, bless their hearts, think it’s just great to go put their papers in their “mail box,” and to have papers waiting for them at the end of the day.

mail boxes

As sufficient as the “mail boxes” are, I would prefer a place where they could keep pencils, folders, and any other personal belongings that could be more of their own.  I got wind that there might be room in the budget come July for….  CUBBIES!


In reality, the wind was no more than a breeze 😦  Budget cuts were drastic this year which means my dreams of cubbies?  Dispersed.  In to thin air.

That is until one productive summer work day I was talking with Amanda, and she sent me this link for…

A step by step DIY to make your own cubbies!  It looks simple enough.

Simple? Maybe?

Step 1: Find the budget to make these.  Anyone know of a place that sells scrap wood for cheap?

Step 2:  Stop being lazy and make these cubbies!

I am so excited to get started on this project along with the other one million billion one fourth projects I have going at the moment!